Across many generations, we have been a country and subsequently a world at war. Those who fight, thanks to the advancements and marvels of technology, science, & medicine, have been able to return more often than their predecessors. We are therefore lucky as a society to welcome home Veterans with open arms, but when we train and condition our soldiers to fight in order to prepare for war; we change them forever, and as a society must help them return to civilian life with such love and attention. Whether on land, in the air, on the sea, or behind computer screens, Veterans of war all carry with them the experiences of something so great and inexplicable. Let us try and see what they see to truly understand them, the world around us, and hopefully ourselves in the process.


Sublime & Ridiculous and In My Shoes


Sublime & Ridiculous is a company born out of a desire to communicate the incommunicable. Inspired storytelling and innovative technology allows participants to be led astray by their own senses. We collaborate with a diverse range of artists, organizations and members of the general public, creating interactive theatre in both conventional and unconventional forms and spaces. We are particularly fascinated by the rich and intriguing intersection that exists between art and science, and presenting work that inspires empathy and understanding across cultural and social boundaries.
In My Shoes is an ever-expanding collection of first-person documentary style interactive performances, which guide participants through the beautiful, the challenging, the mundane and the surreal aspects of being human. Initially conceived to facilitate communications between TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury) patients and those who love, live with, and support them, In My Shoes continues to evolve. At times the series uses touch, taste, smell, audio-visual, or audio-sensory technology and first-person documentary to recreate real life experiences which challenge preconceptions, facilitate understanding and enable participants to use what they learn to inform communications and care.


Michael Vitaly Sazonov


I believe there is power in storytelling, perhaps it is because of its long history within the human spectrum, or because ever since our birth we try to make sense of all the myriad things that surround us in the world. As a theatre maker, I seek to combine my love of words, music & movement to tell a story where each discipline can take the reins of storytelling, and where they can come together in a new way to cross thresholds of understanding.

In New York, and Washington, DC I continue to conceive, direct, or perform in a developing series called Notes From the Underground, a multidisciplinary exploration of loving and longing in times of war and peace. I believe in shining a light upon the soldier’s tale, what it is to train, fight, and return. Taking the time to experience someone else’s story can change how we view the world and feel about a stranger we’ve never met, truly connecting and grounding us all. I am currently under scholarship at the West Side Dance Project and a graduate of American University’s School of International Service, with a concentration on Peace & Conflict Resolution.